Friday, August 3, 2012

New Month - New Thoughts: Spools & Feathers

Yesterday, I was outside swimming - on my back - in the pool.  This is where I do my thinking.  I was thinking I just don't get anything done lately.  Could be because I spend too much time in the pool?  Naw...No way.
So I thought for the month of August I'm just going to pull it together and finish something!  And like most quilters, I would rather start something new than finish up a UFO.  Am I right?

See in my mind I think I'll finish up that new thing - never mind the 10 or 20 or so UFOs that I thought I would finish up when I started them.  This time will be different.  LOL  And lookie what I found!
Wouldn't this be just the cutest little wall hanging for the sewing room? (Edited 8/8/12 - I didn't think to give credit to the maker of the quilt when I originally wrote this post - so sorry! It's Lyn Brown and here is her website. The pattern is free. ) And check this out I found this charm pack. I've used some of the charms for a different project.  Oh and may I say - I did finish that project? So I guess I'm not totally bad.
Here's some of them spread out.
What do you think? Would they make cute spools?

I have been working on the feathers for Mark's quilt. Here's one of my drawings.
And here's some practicing I did on real cloth.
Okay - I'm not even going to pretend this is good. All I see are all those glaring mistakes. Thank goodness Mark is not half as picky as I am.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. Hi! Thank you for popping by and visiting my little blog. I am loving your pool! I can just imagine relaxing in a pool, gathering my thoughts... Such a shame I live in England and the weather isn't quite right for outdoor pools x

  2. If I had that pool, I'd never get ANYthing done! I think your fabric will make adorable spools. I made a little spool quilt last year for my sewing room, and I have patterns for a couple more.

  3. I think most of of have the feeling of not getting much done this summer; I know I sure do.
    I did start a new "to Do" list today to try and keep me focused. Lets hope that September is better.

  4. The feathers look great to me! Hope the practice continues to go well :)

  5. Love your pool! I can see why it's such a pull - aaahhhh! The charm pack is very, very cute and I totally get why you want to start something new (not that I ever do that - ROFL!) I think your feathers look really good!

  6. Your feathers look fantastic! I took my longarm class today. My lovely teacher would yell at you for being unkind about your work. Just saying....

    I am very impressed....

  7. Very Nice!!! are such a BRAVE lady!!! I am still to chicken to try feathers :):) LOL!!! Hugs

  8. Okay, you need to stop being so hard on yourself, because those feathers are pretty awesome! I am so impressed! Way to go. And I love that spool quilt. Yes, it would look awesome in a sewing room! I want your pool. Jealous!!!!

  9. Hi, I found you through the Small Blog Meet over on Lilys Quilts. I'm so impressed by your feathers.... and really wish we had weather like your here in England!!!

  10. I too found you through the Small Blog Meet. Feathers are fun - and they don't have to be perfect:). I like to use monofilament thread in the needle, cotton in the bobbin - and that helps hide anything. Yours already look good!

  11. the pool looks splendid. And yes! start a new project! I always do. ;)