Thursday, September 1, 2011

WooHoo! Forest Quilt Along Party is Starting!


Today is the Official Start of the Little Forest Quilt Along
And don't forget to read Stephanie's Blog - you'll be glad you did.
It's time to chose which pattern you want to use and the size you would like to make.

Sherrlyn's Original
Get the pattern from The Purl Bee here

and add the tree trunk

Next collect your fabrics.  You will need some greens, your background fabric and don't forget some brown for the trunks!  (Like I did!!  LOL!! )

I went to Joann's to find some white on white little stars.  They had it there for years. That's one good thing about Joann's you can always find the same fabric.   Only this time I wasn't so lucky; no star fabric available!  I came home with this white on white.  

But they only had 1 1/2 yards.  Since I want to make my quilt bigger I'll go back and see if they get more in, add a different white or ???

Here are some of the greens I had in my sash.

And I have this strange green print - which makes great looking vines.

And what do you think of this weirdly patterned green?

And I do like this Christmas green with the red bows. 
Just right for my Christmas quilt.

This week is getting our fabrics and supplies together.
I'm off to wash my fabrics!

Okay - Show us your greens!!

IMPORTANT EDIT:   Stephanie of Peas In a Pod is having a give-away to go along with the Little Forest Quilt Along - so hop on over there and see what's happenin!  


  1. Great greens, Linda! I love that funky one! I have my post up about things now, too. Here's the link:

    I'm doing a giveaway for getting your jobs done this week. For instructions, people can visit my post about it. I linked to yours, too. This is going to be fun!

  2. I LOVE your little forest quilt!

    Daisy from Lazy Daisy Quilts Podcast