Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Forest Quilt Along - Step #4

Howdy!  Ready for Step #4?

Have you all completed all the trees and rows?  Is it just glorious?

Hubby finished up the trees and sewed the rows.  (I did the pinning.  Let me just say pinning is not as much as fun as sewing!)  I figured I better get a picture before it got dark.

Here's what happened next:

and here's how it looks at night on my living room floor. (YUCK!!)

The llighting is just so bad.  My trees look brown!! This morning I ran out and snapped a picture. 


And here's it is with the backing. 

So now Step #4.  Make a sandwich and quilt. 

This is the hardest part for me.  I just procrastinate and diddle around.  But now with the quilt along I have to get it done - so let me go find my quilting notes and get started.

Oh wait - before I do, I think I'll go check out Stephanie's blog, Peas in a Pod, and see if she has posted about the Little Forest Quilt Along and then after that I can check out the Little Forest Quilt Along Flicker Group for new pictures....See how it is?  I'm procastinating all ready!



  1. Looking good! So who's going to quilt it?

  2. Eek, step four!! Well, I know what I am going this weekend. Catching up on the sew along!

  3. What a cute quilt---------like the border and backing also. Hugs

  4. I had rto read your post a few times as I could not beleive that hubby helped you sew thw trees together. Great guy.
    Love the top. Nice backing too.

  5. My post is up. Sorry I am so late! I am just having a hard time keeping up at work!

    Yours looks great! Love the border you put on. I'm still trying to decide if I'll use a border.....What do you think?

  6. I love it Linda!! :) Will look great all done. I think your hubby has found a new hobby. ;)

  7. Loving how this it turning out -can't wait to see it all finished! And, I have to tell ya- I so loved seeing your hubby stitching - too fun!