Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Round Robin Center Complete (maybe) YAY!

Here's part of the the center for the Sunny's Round Robin.

What I truly do not understand is why it takes me so long.  I thought I could complete the center within a day - actually a couple hours.  So I took off with my hubby on the bike all day Sunday.  Went shopping Monday morning with my Daughter.   Don't go with her - she makes one spend too much money!  Who knows what I did Monday afternoon.  BUT come Monday evening I thought I could finish the center.  NOPE - NO WAY.

I did get everything cut out and the vines sewn on and it was time for bed.  How did that happen?  Does this happen to you to?  Or are you able to correctly estimate your sewing time?

One thing that was kind of funny, I couldn't find my invisible thread.  Hehehe!!  Get it?  It's invisible??  Luckily I had another spool.

So Tuesday night I was thinking it will take about an hour to complete.  Two and a half hours, and Boo Woo it's time for bed and I'm still not finished. 

Today I finished this up at lunch time.

Doesn't it look better with the little yoyos and buttons?  Now your opinion please, should I add leaves or not?


  1. It is so pretty! Don't hate me but yes I think you should add leaves ;)
    Not too many though :)

    I need some advice too, if you could help that would be great!


  2. It's adorable! I'd lay a couple of leaves on it and think about it for awhile. I think leaves might be good, but not too many to detract from the cute flowers and birds. I'm still undecided about the center of my block!

  3. I love the blue bird. Just to cute!! Sandie

  4. Lovely centre block.
    AH I like it as is but it seems I am out voted.

  5. I think a few leaves would be odd number. I really love what you've done; it's a neat center.

  6. I LOVE the little blue birdie and the yoyo and button flowers!!

  7. Very cute Linda. I'm behind on this project already but have hopes of catching up soon!

  8. Cute, Linda! Yes, I think a couple of leaves would be good! No, I can never estimate accurately how long something will take me to sew. I always underestimate!