Friday, September 30, 2011

Step #5 (Final Step YEA!!!) for Little Forest Quilt Along.

You do know what today is don't you?  That's right!  The final step; step #5 of the Little Forest Quilt Along.  YEA!!!!! 

Can you believe we are now at the final part? 

Step # 5  Bind your quilt and post the finished project on the Little Forest Quilt Along Flicker Group.  This is an important step - because a give-away will be connected to this. Deadline is Oct 7, 2011.  

Okay here's my binding fabric.  Nice and Christmasy. 
If you need a little help with the binding, check out Oh, Fransson's tutorial. I have found that I like cutting 2 1/4 inch strips for my binding, instead of the standard 2 1/2. I make a double fold and end up with a nice fit. The batting fills up the binding. Much nicer than having empty loose binding.

Remember last week I said I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to the quilting.  Oh dear.  I did that. 

Of course last night (yep - I procrastinated right down to the last day!)  I cracked the whip and made hubby pin the quilt. 

He's so good at pinning - I'm serious.  The man has a talent for pinning a quilt nice and tight.

One reason I procrastinated is because I didn't know how to quilt it.  But because the pressure was on, I just sat down and did it.  Well, started it anyway. I should be able to finish it and the binding before Oct 7th.

I put his name in there as a surprise. 

And I have to thank all of you because there is no way I would have gotten this far on my Little Forest Quilt  without you.  THANKS!!!

Thanks to you all for joining and posting your pictures. It's been so fun to see every one's interpretation. Didn't you think we had totally awesome forests? I truly like each and every one. I learned something too because I never would have thought to do brights and/or Polk-dots.

And a special THANKS to Stephanie for hosting this quilt along with me!  Don't forget to check out her blog, Peas in a Pod.

Now are you ready for my dirty little secret?  I love french fries.  Totally love them with lots of salt. (And I mean LOTS of salt.)  So instead of salting all the fries - thereby making them too salty for everyone, I sprinkle salt on the paper mat.  Then rub my fries in it. Like other people do with ketchup.  Yesterday I noticed I went through 3 packages of salt!  WHAT??  I realized I had passed on my terrible habit to all the grandkids!!  See there's Violet caught in the act!!

BAD Grandma - I'm going to have to change my evil ways.  But not today - maybe tomorrow.


  1. You are doing a super job on your tree quilt. Hugs--Sandie

  2. ha! That's one way to salt your fries w/o salting all of them at once.. What an adorable Violet you have!! :) And your quilt looks great.. and is it just me, or is hubby getting the quilting fever?

  3. Oh my gosh - another fun post! I love it that your hubby is up to pinning quilts already - and great at it too! I also love your quilting. Now, I'm a serious saltaholic myself. I do both - cover all the fries, and dip in the excess on the plate - but, we're giving up perfect, right LOL?!! Great post Linda! Hugs!

  4. Love the quilting you are doing!

  5. Hi Linda,
    So good to see your Hubby pinning your quilt! I love french fries too! who doesn't ? Your little grandie is way too cute!!

  6. You are so sweet. This is an awesome post. I love it. I apologize for my life taking over and not being able to link to it. Just fantastic!