Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Here's what on my design wall.  The Little Forest Quilt Along quilt.

Most of this was sewn by Hubby.  (I did most of the pinning and ironing) Not only is he good at running the sewing machine, he quickly figured out that I could spot a seam that's not 1/4 inch a mile away and is now a quiz with the sew ripper.  LOL!! We had a great time sewing together.

I do have a 1/4 inch foot for my Babylock machine and I got it out for Hubby to use. 

It has that little edge that sticks out and he had no problem.  Boy, was it a blessing to have. Myself, I have a really hard time using it.  I'm used to having a mark that I run my fabric along and get my scant 1/4 inch seam. 

I also added leaves to my Stay at Home Robin

Check out Judy at Patchwork Times to see what's happening of other Design Walls


  1. Great job Linda and Mr. Linda. Tha's a nice looking forrest you've ot growing. I like the leaves on you SAHR, too. Keep on stitching!

  2. woo hoo! Those leaves make it look perfect! So cute. I'm loving that forest too xx

  3. That is neat that he is quilting too! I wondered how one of those feet would work but I do a scant 1/4" so maybe I wouldn't like it either. I mark a line on my machine.

  4. Oh, my gosh! It's looking so good! The Little Forest is coming together. I just love it that your hubby is helping you with it.

    The leaves are perfect on your applique block. Well done!

  5. What fun having him still sewing with you - his sewing career wasn't a one minute wonder! It is looking really good!! Love your SAHR block - the leaves have turned out well.