Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Forest Quilt Along - STEP 2

Oh yes, this is good.  We are now moving on to Step #2

Are you excited?  I am!!!

Time to cut!  I love to cut.  I usually sit on the floor and watch a movie with my husband.  I cut and cut and just have a wonderful time. 

Of course all my cutting is closely inspected by KitKat. 

And then start sewing!! Our goal is to sew up about 1/2 the trees this week.   I love sewing too.  I can sew and watch a scary movie with my daughter.  She likes horror movies and I'm always so scared! This way I can hide behind the sewing machine.  Cuz no monster can find me there!!

Fake sewing my little tree

I'm used the Paper Piecing method by Arianes' Crafts and it was super easy.  She gives great instructions and actually turned out quite nice.  Thanks Ariane!!  I really like it (Tree trunks to be added later.)   I haven't paper pieced before and this was pretty cool.

Just to let you know it's not too late to join the Little Forest Quilt Along just sign up at the Flicker Group.
Be sure to post your pictures as you create your trees.  We want to see them!

And Kristin Witzenburg made a Button for the Little Forest Quilt Along - it's super easy to apply to your blog and lists the blogs that are posting about it.  You can find out more as she was a guest poster at Peas in a Pods.  If you need anything like this for yourself - she's available. 

Oh and don't forget to check out Stephanie's blog today about the Little Forest Quilt Along. 



  1. Hmmm. I left a comment but it's not here. Must not have done the secret code. Love what you're doing with the paper piecing! My post is up!

  2. I loved seeing your pictures. My photos are now on the Flickr stream.

  3. I'm so glad that my tutorial worked out!!! Thanks for sharing my link!! Your triangle in the square looks great!!! Hugs Ariane