Friday, September 2, 2011

Small Blog Meet

Lilly's Quilts is having a Small Blog Meet.  It's a way for people with small blog (50 followers or less) to connect and get some exposure.  I think this is a wonderful idea.  I love reading other blogs whether big or small.  It's a wonderful way to get to know others, be inspired and start friendships. 

If you are new to my blog - I mostly talk about quilting, but the truth of the matter is quilting is only part of my life so I ending up sharing about my kids, dogs, camping and motorcycling. I sometimes share my daughter's cupcake making endeavors.  Like this one.  She just had her 16th birthday last weekend and insisted that we make her cake together.  (I was so worried about it because I thought it would turn out really cheesy - and if you think it did, that's okay because we had a blast!)  The header of my blog is a quilt that my daughter and I also made together.  And isn't that a wonderful part of life sharing things together?

So if you would like,  pop on over to Lilly's Quilts with me and lets check out some small blogs together. 



  1. Love the cake, and the quilt in your header! Amazing! :)

  2. Cute cake! Even better than you and your daughter enjoy doing so much together! Can't wait to see more of your work!

  3. Hey Linda, I found you at Lily's. Its great that she has put this together. I love to quilt. And play with paper arts. I hope to see ya at My blog one day. Hugs- Sandie ps. you have another follower.

  4. Hello, I've come from Lily's too and look forward to reading your blog.

  5. Wow, Linda! That cake is amazing! :-) Your daughter inherited your talent!

  6. Nothing cheesy about the cake at all!

    Nice to meet you, visit me if you have a chance!