Monday, April 25, 2011

Violet's Skirt & Civil War Blocks

Hello Quilty Friends,

I'm finally back from Vacation! 

First I want to tell you that Neptune is fine.  The Vet did find a foxtail in her ear.  (I'm so glad I took her in! I wouldn't want her to have to suffer with that.)  He is such a great Vet.  I felt totally comfortable having him treat Neptune.  We did have to kennel her so that she could have her meds each day, so she didn't get an ear infection. And the Vet gave her a second med to keep the ear from bothering her so much. 

So Friday, the night before we left, I finished up the skirt for Violet.  Yay!!  Here's a picture of the two girls trying on their new skirts.  You can't really see the tulle but it's there.They are such little sweeties!!

So it was off to Denver, Colorado.  Home of my Husband's Family. We drove and it is about a 16 - 17 hour drive, not including stopping for gas, food or rest.  I didn't take many pictures.  Not even of my husband's family.  (Shame of me.)  BUT for some strange reason I took a picture of this train.

And just so you know, on the way to Denver and on the way back....Yep it works that way..... is LAS VEGAS!! Oh yeah, Home of Desserts!  (You thought I was going to say gambling?)

Oh my, these were so good, and they are not the only desserts I ate that night!  I had other ones. And see all those sugar packets I used for the coffee?  I hadn't realized I had used so many until I saw this picture.  And why would I worried about those little packets when I ate all those desserts???

I finally gambled while I was there.  I just think why gamble when I work so hard for my money and I could be buying fabric!  But I saw these fishes on the slot machine and was tempted. I figured a limit of $20.00 would be good, then I changed it to $10.00 (fabric was calling my name), and then lowered to $5.00.    I'm a winner!!!!

This is me holding my winning ticket.  I won a whole 30 cents!!  LOL!!  It was fun and I'm glad I saved the rest for fabric. I'll just never be a "good" gambler.'s what I've started sewing this weekend.  I started the Civil War Quilt Blocks at Civil War Quilts.  I just love her blog.  I just love all the history about the Civil War, the women, quilts and everything else Barbara writes about.  I don't really know what Civil War fabric looks like, and being in Bakersfield, they don't really have that sort of thing.  So I bought some old fashioned (to me) fabrics.

Here are my blocks.  I was able to completed 5 since I can home from our trip, but I only have pictures of 4. My daughter says they are Western not Civil War fabrics and I'm okay with that.

Okay, time to cook dinner - then hopefully sew some more blocks!


  1. You have been busy, haven't you? I can't gamble, either. THere are just so many better things to spend my money on. Hubby does buy an occasional lottery ticket, though! The girls are adorable in their skirts. And you're doing a great job on the blocks.

    I've had you on my list of blogs forever, but I just realized that I wasn't a follower. Sorry for the oversight.

  2. I see you are as lucky as me for "winning" tickets! It looks like you have been really busy! Your blocks look great =)

  3. You gamble like I gamble! LOL. Looks like you had fun. Those Civil War blocks look neat. Can't wait to see your progress with them!