Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sewful Sisters and making Friends

At Tuesday's Sewful Sister's meeting, Lois taught us how to create these two blocks.

We had a great time - it really doesn't matter about making the blocks as much as just being together having some good "chatting time". One of the members brought homemade kettle corn. It was so yummy, and wasn't that sweet of her?   I'm thinking I might have to learn to make some of that!  Just too good!!

I was talking to my daughter about having friends.  She mentioned the people that turn out to be her best friends are the ones that when she meets them, they are instantly friends.  I suppose that some of my best friends have been instant ones, but I sometimes like to wait a bit and see how things work out too.

Yesterday I got a call from one of best friends, Carol.  I haven't seen her in months - at least six months.  We live in the same town, but we just let time get away.  As soon as she called and I answered the phone "Hello",  I already knew it was her by the phone number, we both burst into laughter.  We laughed for several minutes, and I said "Do you realize we do this all the time?  We both laugh before we've even said anything!!"  After laughing a bit longer she said "Well, we know we are going to say something funny."  So true. 

It's good to have friends, whether they are instant, the kind it takes are while to grow into a friendship, sit by the fire kind or only through the Internet on a blog kind. 

Thanks girls for being my friends!!  And Hello to all the people out there that will become a friend!!


  1. What a lovely post! I have friends that I have known since grade 4, and only see them once every 2 years or so as they live across the country. We pick up and laugh and chat as if we had coffee together the day before. Here's to friendship!

  2. Your blocks are very pretty! What is that technique? Hugs to one of my bbf's. (Best bloggy friends)

  3. Neat blocks. I think the same can be true about blogging friends. I ready your blog and just liked you right away! :-)