Thursday, April 7, 2011

April's Awesome Goals

ME! Pick Me! It's My turn to list my April Goals!

Now you all know I post this blasted picture over and over again.

 But this time there's a difference I've actually done a little bit on this skirt. And bought some tulle to go with it.  Now if I can just motivated enough to finish it!

And for my next goal and for Judy's UFO Challenge I would be very happy to quilt my watercolor star. 

Last on my list is Pat Sloan's Mystery Quilt Step 3 - adding borders and a Sun in the upper right corner.

I think that's a fine set of goals for April - not too many so that I, Miss I'd Rather be Swimming, will have a good chance of completing them.  How about you?  Something fun you are working on that you'd like to share? 


  1. Good luck getting your goals done! I think I will be happy if I just get my hot pad swap item into the post in time and keep my house some what clean! I do wish to get another UFO done - fingers crossed that happens.

  2. Swimming? In April? Just keep rubbing it in, why don't you. The watercolor quilt is awesome. How do you plan to quilt it? Are you going free motion? Good luck with the goals - they do sound awesome.

  3. Looking good! Those are awesome choices! I'm targeting finishing my Soul Whisperer doll this month and my circle stars quilt this month. I'll be blogging them tomorrow!