Friday, April 15, 2011

A little bit at a time

You know what Pat Sloan says?  And I've been doing it for years and it works.  Just work 15 minutes each day on your project.  I've also heard the suggestion to work 15 minutes a day on a UFO and then work on regular project. 

So Wednesday night my 15 minutes turned out to be much longer and I got all 72 HST done. What joy!

I wasn't in the mood to sew last night.  So sat down to sew only for 15 minutes and finished up a few of these. Of course I spent longer than 15 minutes.  I always do because I'm having fun.

And ended up making one of these.  YAY!!

Then my needle broke.  (drat!)  and since it was past bedtime I left everything and crawled into bed with Hubby.  (Another Yay!)  

Normally I never leave a broken needle in the machine. I like to leave my projects ready for the next time.  I have everything nice and neat and a plan laid out so when I come back I'm ready to go. 

Would you have left a broken needle in the machine or do you get everything nice and tidy for the next day?

Oh one more thing.  On our walk last night Neptune was running near the railroad tracks and came back shaking her head.  She was shaking it a lot.  I wondered what she had gotten into.  When we got home I realized that her ear was hurting and she was crying just a bit.  So it's off to the vet this morning.  My husband will take her. But I'm so concerned.  First I was worried he would be too busy to take her, (honestly - that would never happen) or that the vet wouldn't be in.  So silly.   So now I'm anxiously awaiting to hear that she's fine. 

Neptune when she is not having ear problems.
10:45 a.m. Update:  Hubby said the vet suggested she be knocked out (I'm sure those were not the vet's words) so that he didn't hurt her eardrum while he takes care of it. I'll pick her up about 4:00 tonight on my way home from work.


  1. My my, aren't you the productive one. Hope Neptune's feeling better soon. I would have to change the needle at night, or I would probably forget about it and start sewing with it in the next time I sat down. If you at least took it out, it would be okay.

  2. I hope all is well with Neptune. A broken needle is no fun.

  3. I was a little bit worried about trying to sew with it. I wish I had thought of at least taking it out.

  4. Your pinwheels are darling. I love pinwheels...

  5. It would depend how frustrated and tired I was. If I was worried I'd try to sew with it, I'd write a post-it note and stick it to my machine! haha.

    Hope Neptune is okay. Poor guy!

  6. I would take the needle out before bed, but not necessarily replace it. When I leave the sewing room I like to have things in order for the next time. I sometimes use sticky notes too to remind myself where I left off or what I had been planning.
    Poor Neptune - hope he's feeling better after the visit to the vet.

  7. I hope Neptune is OK, did the vet tell you what happened? Poor thing.
    Depending how past my bedtime it was - and if my husband was getting cranky pants for me being up too late - I may or may not have taken or replaced the needle.
    Oh bother, I just looked outside and its snowing again - at this rate, there will be snow on the ground for my birthday. Drats! Please let me know how Neptune is doing.
    Hugs from your friend,