Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charm Pack

Tonight is my friendship group.  Our assignment (if we choose to) is to get a charm pack and we will be having a sew along.  I went from store to store (I'm so lucky as we have 3 quilt shops, a Joann's, Beverly's and a Hancock's) looking for a charm pack.  I seldom go to Beverly's as it's kinda of far from the house.  But last Saturday I took my Mom-in-law and we couldn't believe our eyes. They were have some type of luau or Hawaiian Days.  The place was all decorated, sales girls in costumes; we played game and won prizes and discounts!  We were offered treats, fruit and coconut cookies (yum!).  It was a lot of fun. And so cool to do that with Mom-in-law!

Here's the charm pack I found.
I called Beverly's to see about getting some more fabric for the sashing or border  - I should have looked when I was there, but I was too distracted with all that fun!  The sales clerk said it's an old design and they don't carry it. 
I must admit, I've a bit surprised to learn it's an old design.  I thought I kept up with that stuff.  Oh well!  I'm not that disappointed, as this is how quilting works in my little world.  Don't have something: find something else and it ends up being better.


  1. Were you talking about finding more Origins Moda fabric for the sashing? If so, that fabric is brand new! I think it's being officially released by Moda this month. Hope you enjoy the sew along!

  2. The 'Origins' group by Moda is brand new. The yardage will be released sometime this month. You can purchase some here when it is released :

    Have fun!

  3. I agree, origins is brand new, just NOW starting to show up in shops.... there should be plenty available soon.
    I got a charm pack of it too, LOVE that color combination


  4. Oh Good! Well that gal at Beverly's didn't know what she was talking about. Thanks for setting me straight. Now I can look for it.

  5. I love the fabric...I'm really looking forward to see what you make.

  6. Can't wait to see what you make from this line. I am such a Moda (junkie) groupie that I check out their website all the time to see what is new or coming soon