Friday, August 13, 2010

Through the sewing room door....

Please excuse camera smudge.

This is the door to my sewing room.  I have NOT opened it since returning from Salinas.  And I reason why is because I don't want to work on any of those projects!   I'm just not in the mood for sewing.  Have you ever been that way?

I've been thinking maybe making a skirt for my granddaughter would get me in the mood.  I'll have to think about that one a little bit... no that didn't get me excited either.  LOL!!

But something gotta give and soon because I have some plants in there that I need to water.

Remember those CGQC goals - well one of them was to read EMMA with my family.  Well we are all finally have the book and have a reading schedule, 10 chapters per week.
To be honest with you I'm not enjoying that much.  I did just finish a very fast paced exciting book, so that might be part of it.  Of our family 2 do not like it, and 3 are enjoying it.  Maybe I just need to read a couple more chapters to really get into it.

And my good new is....drum roll please.. you will be so impressed with this.  Okay, maybe not but I'm sure pleased that I finished:  VAL LAIRD'S LOVE BOM!!!  ((clap, clap clap))  Thank you, Thank you.

You can't really see but I sewed little white beads around the vine and pink beads on the hearts.  I did really enjoy doing this block.

Okay enough about me - tell me about you.


  1. My poor sewing machine is quite dusty. I've been crocheting and doing some cross stitch this summer insted of sewing. One of these days........
    Enjoy your book!

  2. A friend I work with has been trying to get me to join her book club. But not sure I want to read for fun on a schedule.
    And what if I hate the book? Too much pressure :) :)

    LOVE that LOVE BOM. I have been saving the blocks for "later". :)


  3. You made me laugh about the sewing room door and the plants. I get that way sometimes too.

    Let me know if the book gets better.

  4. Your BOM looks great! I didn't "love" Emma either. I really, really wanted to but I just didn't.

  5. Your BOM block looks great...I have to admit that I thought Emma was a very, very slow read.