Monday, August 30, 2010

Revisiting those old July/August Goals - My Finishes

1. Join a Friendship Group at the quilt guild. (Oh and pay the guild dues too! LOL) Done! Yea!

2. Read the book Emma by Jane Austen with my family. Read Chapters 1-10, which was plenty! Nope don’t like it – I’m moving onto something better!

3. Sign up for a Biology Class at College. (YUCK! Actually Double YUCK!) Biology was full. Signed up for two other ones.

4. Treat my Mother-in-law like Gold for the two weeks she is visiting. She is such a sweetie I want to treat her extra special. Mission Accomplished. We took her everywhere and fed all kinds of different fun foods! We had so much fun spoiling her.

5. Take one more mini camping trip with the family before school starts. Sadly didn't do this one, maybe next weekend.

6. Buy a walking foot and start quilting those tops! On Order - just waiting for it to come in.'s been 2 months and I'm still waiting, maybe I should order from another shop.

7. Enjoy shopping with my youngest daughter for school clothes. YEA!! I did it!! 1st she is a teenager – Need I say more? 2nd she is the pickiest clothes person I know. And 3rd those store play the music too loud! I went with her and we had a GREAT time. Oh you just don’t know how happy I am.  And of course she is too with all her new duds.

8. Val Laird’s BOMs. YEA!!  I finished one!


  1. I love it that you write your goals and track them. I need to do that!

  2. You should feel very good about all you accomplished! I didn't even set goals for July and August. Congrats!

  3. Woww, what a great time with all thos goals met. You must be feeling very proud of yourself.

  4. wOw, you did a great job meeting your goals!!

    what next? :)


  5. You did so well on accomplishing your goals these last two months. Applause! Applause! I love your block. So pretty. Are you ready for the next two months?