Friday, August 6, 2010

Party Time - just not for me

I'm off on a little trip to take my daughter and her friend to my oldest daughter's house - just a little 3 1/2 trip to Salinas, Ca.   I'm really excited!  I love visiting with her and her husband.  It's so lovely there.
They are going to have so much fun for the next two weeks - you know they will stay up late and do all those things mom (Me) won't let them. 
They grow a lot of crops in Salinas.  There are fields all around, which I really enjoy seeing.  I think this is a field of cauliflower.   It's near the Pacific Coast so they have cool weather there to grow these kinds of crops.

During the two weeks they plan to visit Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.  How much fun that will be! 

Oh I suppose there's nothing quilty about this post.  Oh dear!  Well I won' t be doing anything quilty or any sewing this weekend.  Maybe Monday.

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