Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here's what going on in my little world...

With just so much going on it's hard to decide what to work on.  First, I did go shopping:
WhooHoo! I finally found some quilting gloves - I picked up the last ones on the shelf. And I had a Joann's 40% off coupon. I've been looking off and on for months, since May. I want these for A Few Scraps quilt along. I tried quilting once before and I know I need these. I just can't move that fabric with just my fingers.

And I was happy to find and purchase the topstitch sewing needles 90/14 that is also recommended on the supply list for the quilt along. I've been seeing a lot blogs with A Few Scraps' button and I'm excited to be going on this adventure with all of you.

And school started.  I'm taking two college classes.  So I've been reading these books:

So far they are both very interesting books - Thank goodness!  You know how hard it is to read a textbook when you would rather be sewing on:

For now it's back to reading my textbook.


  1. Hi Linda. Whatacha want to be when you grow up? I'm starting to explore new opportunities/ideas. You'll love the quilting gloves. They make a huge difference.

  2. Those gloves look like they will be great. I like the idea of the quilting - free motion and wonder if I can fit one more thing on my plate.....

  3. They look like great gloves..I have almost the same ones.

  4. Yes, I do know how it is to be reading a textbook when you'd rather be quilting. I'm a college professor, and that happens to me a lot! :-) Looking forward to doing the quilt along with you! I'm following your blog now so I can see what you're up to!

  5. Quilting gloves, awesome! Please let us know how they work out. Perhaps this is all I need to get the free motion sewing to work better on my stuff.
    Good luck on the text book reading and good for you to do it!