Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ahh, a new month in which to try again...

Here we are February all ready! Are you all excited about the month?  Looking forward to completing new projects and finishing up some of those UFO?

Well, it was my plan for January to finish up just my UFO.  But I ran out of time.  And I really didn't have a good idea how to quilt these Jewel Boxes. 

Don't you think these Jewel Boxes will be fun to quilt once I get a good idea? (Hint, Hint, If you have an idea please let me know. )
I did get all the Irish Chain portion quilted.  Yea for me!  

Just a close up picture of one - as the light pink thread is hard to see on that very light blue/pink fabric batik.  

Also on my mind for January that didn't get finished is The Stay at Home Round Robin.  (I bet I'm using the wrong name for that.) 
I've thought long and hard about this quilt today; What is keeping me from doing this quilt. Answer: (Insert whining voice)   It's too hard!!!  

I'm either too tired at night or too busy to sit and figure out the math for the different elements - like the log cabin blocks.  So...I'm skipping that row, and I'm going on to the next row, or maybe even the next row after that.  Then maybe this quilt and I can come to an understanding and it will get completed. 

Another thing that I worked on during January was my little house block.  I had said I wasn't going to do this one but it I just couldn't help it.  I was at work and I thought oh, lets see how it would be to make this template, and then I had a bit of fabric to cut out. The next thing I knew I was working on the little houses. I do it at work, when I have a few moments - and as you can see I haven't had many of those.  Here's how far I've gotten in 3 weeks.  
Hey, my door is upside down! Good thing I didn't sew it up yet.
My only finish for January was my "Hello Sun" block.  
This little guy was fun and I can't wait to start February's block. 

There's nothing like quilting for a hobby.  There's always a new project to start and an old project to finish up.  We never have to worry about getting bored with our hobby.

Happy February Sewing,
Nicey Linda


  1. What a sweet snowman. I'm glad you joined in!

  2. Looking good, Linda! I think you've gotten a lot done! Hmmm.....what to put in those jewel boxes? A big flower? Or is that too predictable. I'm thinking of a Spirograph type design, but I can't quite explain it! Argh. Your house block is too cute, and I know what you mean about feeling too tired and overworked to sit and figure that one problem out!

  3. Your jewel boxes are oh-so-pretty! And I love your little house. But your poor SAHR...ya know, if it's not fun, you shouldn't do it. I've struggled a bit with the math, but I had a preconceived vision of where I was going, so it's probably a lot easier for me.

  4. I love your snowman..and your house block!! Hugs

  5. I will be stalking your blog to see what designs people come up with the for the jewel boxes....just so I can get some ideas too!!! I just have the borders to put on mine. You have done a lot in January, loving the little houses, I have just got Full House pattern they everyone seems to be making at the moment, so that may be my next project.... must quilt the tablecloth first, oh and finish the jewel quilt.......Hugs xxx

  6. I really should read my post before I publish....sorry for the typing errors.... ;-(

  7. The Jewel Boxes is gorgeous! I'm no help with quilting, I always end up doing straight lines or something. Love that applique block - and your house and the snowman!

  8. Your Jewel Boxes is beautiful!! I'm no help with the quilting either. I'm great when it comes to straight lines but other than that I'm a big chicken unless it's a small quilt. Your house is adorable, even with the upside down door. Great finish for January with the cute snowman and happy sun.

  9. Hello, I followed your link from Barbara's NewFO Challenge and I have to say I'm in love with everything you're working on! There's so many fun things to try out there it's hard to decide sometimes and now here I've found even more! You reminded me I've always wanted to do a Jewel Box quilt. Yours is awesome!