Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How the Anniversary Day Went

So are you at all interested in how that anniversary day went?

Well, my big plan was to dye my hair and wash the car.  Not too exciting, but now we both look so much better! hehehe  And also to help my husband shop for our gift. 

My husband is kind of romantic/funny, each year he gets us a gift from the traditional list of what one should buy each anniversary. 

Anniversary #Traditional GiftModern Gift
FirstPaper AnniversaryPaperClocks AnniversaryClocks
SecondCotton AnniversaryCottonChina AnniversaryChina
ThirdLeather AnniversaryLeatherCrystal / Glass AnniversaryCrystal / Glass

 I found this list here.

According to the list that he found the 18Th year is porcelain.  He looked all over for something I would want and couldn't find anything.  So being a good wife I went with him to help. We had so much fun but didn't find anything we wanted.   We went to a Japanese place for dinner.  You know the kind where they cook in front of you, and do all that fancy knife work. That was fun.  
Photo from because I didn't think to take a camera!
He told me what he really wanted to get me were flowers.  So off to Home Depot we went.  It's not every girl that gets to have her present come from Home Depot!!  

I bought him some Iceland Poppies.  (And planted them too! I got big brownie points for that!)  
I picked out two orchid plants for me.
The orchids were on sale for $5.00!  Whoo Hoo! I love a sale!
And then we also bought two fern plants - Because I liked one and he liked another - and some nice pots to put them in.
One is called a lemon button (that's the one I liked) and the other is  some type of ruffled leaf fern (that he liked).
I just loved re-potting the plants and now having them in the house. It was a bit different from sewing and that was nice too.
Happy Stitching!!
Nicey Linda


  1. Happy Anniversary-sounds like a lovely day. And the orchids are beautiful. I'm just wondering if the pots for the ferns could be counted as 'porcelain'?! Happy Stitching to you too :-)

  2. Sounds like hubby is very thoughtful and you will have many plants to remeind you of your special day. Happy Anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary, you two - your hubby sounds like such a romantic guy! Gorgeous plants, how lovely to have something alive to share.

  4. Does that say those orchids were $500? I might need new glasses, maybe it says $5?

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Yes, that is $5.00. Can you believe that?

  6. So, "porcelain" pots. :-) Orchids are so beautiful! You got some nice plants. I wish I had a green thumb. I kill ever plant I get!

  7. I love your new flowers and ferns! Do you have cats? I'm afraid to get any plans because my cats would just rip them all up!

    Happy anniversary!! :)