Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My quilting update and Hanging with the band

Okay it's time for an update, since my picture in my last post failed. ( I love that.  We all need a chance to say "failure is fun".) I tried to upload the picture in a different way. At first it appeared to worked but when I logged back on, my picture was an X.

Okay so here's the picture.
I used a decorative stitch for the quilting.  I think it's just okay. At least it's done with shiny thread.  And we all like shiny, Right?
Here's the back....
I kind of like this.  But I think it needs more. I need to stitch in the ditch around the square at the very least. I only did some of the blocks with the decorative stitch.  I'll be doing something else on the other ones.

Saturday night my son in law's band got back together for a reunion.  Yes!!! What a great show!  So much fun!! How many movies are based on "The Band's Getting Back Together" premise; and all the members quit their jobs and then the band finally cuts the deal with the big promoters?  Well, that didn't exactly happen here.  They just played and it was fun.
Lebecs - poor quality photo was taken by an amateur groupie: ME!
That's Dan on the right.  He's a great bass player.  
And Kenny, Dan's brother on the drums. So cool!
The band, called the Lebecs, used to be the hot band here in our area. Scarlett still thinks so. She was really enjoying them play, her little head bobbing up and down to the music.  Is that so cute or what?
Scarlett and her Daddy, Dan, after the show.
The band started playing at 10:30 pm and some little girls just couldn't hang!
Violet sleeping away on Aunt MiMi. (Dan's sister)
Also pictured THE best Grandma, Sherry (Dan's Mom)
Those two sure look wide awake, don't they?
So that's what I've been up too.  Just having fun.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Groupie Linda


  1. Looking good on the quilting. I can never get the hang of using my decorative stitches for the quilting. They never seem to do what I want them to. :-) Looks like you are having better luck.

  2. I still see an X, but now it's a big blue X - LOL! I would probably add stitch in the ditch around the square. The band sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. I was going to say the same as Sunny. lol I had no idea you were a rock and roll groupie. :o) xo

  4. What a good idea to use a decorative stitch....still need to put borders on mine :-(

  5. I love using a decorative stitch for quilting, yours looks lovely! Looks like a good time was had by all at the concert!