Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What to do when your camera is dead...

So are we all happy today?  Well, I would have liked to post about the quilting I've been doing, and the book I bought about quilting, but my camera is dead. Just the battery is dead.  So after I charge it up I'll do a review on the book and show some pictures of the quilting.  Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. I hate it when that happens! Happy charging and I look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

  2. Bummer! I hate it when that happens, and especially when I can't find my charging cord! Hope you find it soon and that you are well!

  3. Until I get a better charger, I refuse to use rechargeable batteries, lol! I hate running out.

  4. That sounds nicey and I can't wait, and I love that your word of the year is "nicey".. it makes me smile every time I stop by. :o)

  5. We are waiting with anticipation..... xx