Wednesday, February 29, 2012

REVIEW: Free-Motion Quilting Make Easy-186 Designs from 8 Simple Shapes

First, I want to say I bought this book by Eva A. Larkin, after finding it on, because I needed some help with free-motion quilting. I had taken a free motion class and felt comfortable with it. But I just didn't know where to go with it.  What designs to use or how to find good designs.
And this book's title had key words I liked: easy and simple

So get ready for some gushing - cause I loved this book. 

One of the best things about this book is the easy and entertaining way that Larkin writes.  I could totally understand what she was saying plus she provided nice illustrations.  I had also checked a free motion quilting book out of the library (which I won't name) and I could not understand what the author was saying.   This made me appreciate Larkin even more. 

Larkin starts the book with the basics, which I'm so glad I took the time to read, because I actually learned some valuable information!  And I love her tension photos and advise!  

She then moves on to practice lessons, then the 8 simple shapes and then the combinations of them plus little twists to make even more patterns. She includes little arrow and numbers so you know which way to stitch. 

Here's where I had to change things up.  I took my book and put a spiral binding on it. 
I know it's too expensive for the publishers to publish most books this way. 
For me the joy of having a book lay flat is totally worth it. 
Especially when I'm using it as a reference as I sew. 

Larkin gives details on how to set up your quilting area and maneuver the quilt so that even big quilts are a breeze to quilt. She also includes a chapter on how to look at your quilt in sections for easy quilting. (Boy did I appreciate learning this!!) She gives good instructions (&  illustrations) for taking it beyond just the designs to actually how one goes about determining the quilting design for their own quilt. Including using continuous designs and using these simple shapes in the borders.  She closes the book with a chapter  showing a gallery of quilts with her designs and a troubleshooting chart.    

I'll close this review saying this is the best quilting book I have brought. I really am happy with it.   

Thanks Eva Larkin for writing it!

Now here are some of my pictures.
First my practice:
These were my second and third attempts. I then left them sitting on the table and when I looked at them again, I thought they were good enough and started in on my quilt.
I'm so very pleased with it!  I now have all my pink squares quilted. 
And while I was having fun doing that - here's what KitKat was doing:
She was sleeping away!
KitKat get off that couch!  Hmmm....she doesn't listen very well.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. I borrowed that book off a friend and really enjoyed it too. Your quilting is great - love the design you have used :-)

  2. Great - now I can send all my projects to your for quilting??? I'll be on the lookout for this book.

  3. I now have this on my wishlist, sounds like I could find this useful too. Thanks for the review. x

  4. Thanks for the review. I will have to get this one. Wow! Did you do a fantastic job on the quilting! That is just great. I'm loving how your quilt is turning out!

  5. Looks like a great book! Your quilting looks wonderful, good job - I'm not that brave, I'm afraid!

  6. Great review! I have written this book down and am going to search it out tonight. I am so glad I finally had time to read some blog posts today or I never would have seen this!!
    I hope you are well.

  7. Perfect timing for this review! I have been needing to work on my free-motion and had no idea where to start. Looks like I'll be ordering this book and getting to work. Love that you made it lay flat, hate when books don't do that and you need it to stay open.

  8. I picked up a copy at JoAnns and really like this book too. Love to see you quilting with it. Looks great!