Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on Quilting my Queen

Here's my update to what's under my needle.  And a bit of Troy thrown in for fun. 

I really wasn't sure how this Queen was going to be to quilt. Would it fit under my home sewing machine?  Would I get lost in all that fabric as I quilted. Would I want to tear my hair out? Would the quilting even look good after I did all that work?
I had been assured by one of the finest quilters in all the land, Cindy Seitz-Krug, that I didn't need to to worry about the whole quilt but the part that is under the needle. So... I'm just saying, if Cindy says to not worry - I'm not going to worry.  She did show us how she maneuvers those big quilts and keeps them from pulling as she's quilting.  So I haven't had any problems like that.    
Troy's not worried about the quilting either
So far so good. In fact it's going very smoothly. I've been faithfully - and yes faithfully is important because that's how one gets it done - quilting each day for at least two hours. But unfortunately that doesn't make for good blog conversation or for pictures as it's all the same.  LOL!!

Is it true that using "LOL" is now out of date?  

It was my goal to have this quilted by Jan. 31st.  I no longer think that will happen.  It's hard for me to accept that.  Is it hard on you when you don't meet your goals?  Well, I suppose I didn't say which year I would finish it!  LOL!!

Happy Sewing,
Nicey Linda


  1. How nicey! I haven't attempted quilting anything large, and I admire you for doing it. Quilting is actually hard physical work, so don't try to do more than you are, just to get it done on a deadline. You're making wonderful progress!

  2. Seeing your walking foot there may inspire me to use mine on a forthcoming (whenever) table runner I plan to make semi-shortly.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about not the disappointment about not meeting your goals. You just have to celebrate the effort and the partial accomplishments!

  4. I don't like missing a goal either but I bet you will have the quilt done early next month. That is a lot of quilting to be done.

  5. Way to go on the quilting. Very admirable! Love the Troy photo, too. I hope LOL is not outdated; I just got used to using it! What do I say instead, haha?

  6. You've made more progress than I! for that 1/31 goal 'deadline'. At this point, now that the final borders are on, I'm hoping to just get the backing readied too. Looking at your quilt where you had it laid out on the floor, it's just beautiful! And how sweet that hubby helped with ironing the backing!

  7. I think you should hang that photo of Troy right up next to your sewing machine. :) Don't be too strict with deadlines, just use them as a "ballpark" figure and enjoy the process! xo

  8. Oh Nicey Linda - I love this post! I say "goals-schmoles" - Troy has it right! Life is just too dange short to worry about that kind of stuff LOL! Hugs to you! PS - is LOL really out already?

  9. January 31, 2013 -- you've got *plenty* of time, girlfriend!! :) And if LOL is out of vogue, too bad. I've been using it since 1994 and it's not leaving my vocab that quickly! (Where did you hear such a thing?!?)