Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year - New Choices Part 2

Oh dear, I missed Sue's (Of Quilt Times) Star Quilt Along.  Hers is a a little different, you provide your own star pattern you wish to make, but make it with everyone else. This one looks like too much fun to miss.
Thanks Sue!
And since yesterday I found this Made in Cherry Quilt Along at Pins & Bobbins.
Oh Fransson is doing a Sparkle Punch Quilt Along.
Sew Happy Quilt Along. This one is a mixed sampler.
And Jeanneke is doing Building Houses from Scraps Quilt Along. This Blog is in Dutch and English and she has extended the sign up until Jan.16th. And I think the pattern is only available until then too. Her plan is to do 365 of these little houses and one large one (since 2012 is a leap year). 

I think I would like the smaller wall version I found on her regular blog, Jeanneke's Blog.

I really thought this was such a cute idea - A NewFO Challenge from Cat Patches.

So many cool things to do.  Are you tempted by any of them?

No sewing was done at my house, just working on the puzzle.

Happy Sewing - or if you are like me, Happy Not Sewing, 


  1. I haven't worked a puzzle in ages! Looks like fun but so do all of the QALs.

  2. So many things to do, so little time!! I love the idea of the new fo!!

  3. I am working hard to NOT start anything new for a while. I have so much to finish!!! It's so tempting with all this great stuff out there!