Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Word Up 2012

Did you do the Word Up last year?  

How did it go?

My word last year was PEACE.  I was interested in the Peace that God gives.  The one that creates a calm inside that just doesn't get shaken no matter what is happening on the outside.  It was a good focus word. When I focus on God instead of circumstances I do have Peace.  

This year I was surprised at my word.

It was just sort of there, and I was thinking about it occasionally.  Then I realized, Hey This is my word!
My reasons for Nicey?  You want know that?  Well, Nicey is just more fun to say than nice - and Nicey Jane is such pretty fabric.  Something easy to visualize.  

I would like to focus on being nicer (maybe meeting the people in Wyoming and South Dakota had something to do with this?) I want to always help people to feel comfortable and welcome.  So we shall see as I focus on the word for the year the changes it creates.  

Is there a word you would like to focus on this year?  Come join us this year doing Word Up.  


  1. Well I already think you're one of the nicey-est people I know, so it should be an easy year for you. Ane I'm from South dakota, so I know nice!

  2. Look at Sunny, being all nicey-nice from South Dakota. :o) I think you're both super duper nice and am glad I've gotten to know you both. That is a great word for the year. I love Sunny's word, too. My motto is drama-free so my word would have to be peace, or tranquility. I like what you said about peace. So true.

  3. I love your word - and I wish more people would adopt it!