Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Massage/Self-Care and KitKat

While we are on the subject of self-care this month, I have a little story to tell you.

It starts with a gift I received for my birthday. My friend gave me a gift certificate for a full body massage. And said it’s because “You need to learn to do things just for yourself.” I have never done anything like that and thought it was a good idea.

So that was 2 months ago and was finding it VERY hard to find the time to redeem my gift.

I finally went last night. The lady was nice; the lights were low, the room very calm, soft music playing. She told me just close my eyes and relax.

As I’m laying there I begin to realize something. Me and my dog are just alike. What a funny thing to start thinking about.

This is my KitKat the day she was born. Look how little and cute she is!!

KitKat is just like me; up at the crack of dawn, ready to go. Always happy. Oh she’ll sit on the couch when we watch a movie, well for a while, then she’s down chewing a bone or jumping into the pool. I’m thinking this massage feels good, but I would rather be up moving around doing something. I was good and stayed for the full massage. I’m glad I did and I’ll go back; just not once a week or even once a month. More like once a year. My way of relaxing is by doing something. I am doing my self-care by sewing or cutting fabric, planning my quilts and yes, shopping for my next project!



  1. Aw, what a cutie KitKat is!! I'm the same way. I can't sit still for the life of me. People always tell me I need to relax and take it easy. I can't do that and it's not the least bit relaxing to me to be sitting still doing nothing. LOL My therapy is definitely like you- cutting and sewing. That is my peaceful place ☺

  2. At first I thought, "That's exactly how I relax." Then I really thought about it and realized that I usually read blogs or books for my main relaxation. But with your way you really do get stuff done. I am glad you took the time to truly relax.