Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another July Finish & Christmas Challenge Finish

Here I am with another July and Christmas Challenge Finish for my hubby and I haven't really set my July/August goals for the Charming Girls and Guys Club yet.

A while ago I made my daughter a set of pillowcases, switching up the fabrics so they would be different yet go together.  I've wanted to do that for my husband (and myself) so when I found fabric with turquoise which we have in our bedroom, I just knew I had to have it.   I cut this top strip 9 1/2 inches and them it's folded over.


The main body of the pillowcase I cut at 27 inches. 

I used my coffee cup to hold down my measuring tape.

And then I usually cut 2 inches for the trim.  Only this time I cut 4 inches as I wanted to horses to show up better.

 So the light color one will be for me, and the dark for him.  This way I know which pillow is mine and which is his.  I like a flat pillow and he like a puffier one.  Pillowcases always make good presents.


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