Sunday, July 25, 2010

CGQC Finish and Amy's One Week Challenge

I finished piecing my Peace and Patience quilt made with Bunny Hill's Lilly and Will fabric. I just wanted to make a simple 9-patch to act as a throw for my living room.  We'll be needing it this winter. Amy's One Week Challenge helped me to get it done.
I'm really happy with it, although the colors in these pictures don't show as bright and clear as it is in real life.  Oh and I thought this picture above was a bit boring.  So I called Neptune to come take a picture with the quilt.  No Dice!!  Ever since I called her and gave her a bath, made her soak to get rid of the skunk smell there's no way she'll take a chance that's what I have in store for her and she wouldn't come.

I thought Bunny Hill fabric and no Neptunee - How about a bunny?
The little white bunny doesn't show up to well.  How about KitKat?  Oh dear she's brown and white and doesn't show up to well either!
Okay how about the Bunny, KitKat and Sugar?

Cute.  Too bad they messed up the quit (a dozen times!!!)

Finally Neptune couldn't stand it any longer and came to be my model!  Whoopie! Not only did she mess up the quilt - but she's tan and white and blends in also!  LOL!!  Oh well.  


  1. Love the quilt, but I love the models that you have enlisted. They do seem to blend in. I never thought about making a quilt out of colors that DON'T match the dogs. Next time you must take it into consideration. ;0)

  2. Oh Linda - your quilt is SO pretty! And, your dogs are cute too. Nice job sewing!!

  3. Love the quilt! Fun photo shoot!

  4. the quilt is so cute and the photo shoot even cuter! tfs

  5. It is a beautiful quilt. I love your models!

  6. I love the colors you chose for the quilt. So pretty! Of course, I love the models too!

  7. I love your quilt & your models show it so well!

  8. cute dogs! I like the top as well, I am sure that it will be warm and cosy when its needed!

  9. Your quilt is beautiful!! I love the softness of the colors.... and I think your models like it too!!

    Must have been a funny photo shoot :)