Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July and August Goal and Projects

Okay it's time to list my goals for July and August for the Charming Girls. Now I've been thinking about this because it's easy for me to list the sewing projects each month - but not so easy with the other goals. Although I think this is a great idea so here goes.

1. Join a Friendship Group at the quilt guild. (Oh and pay the guild dues too! LOL  Done! Yea!

2. Read the book Emma by Jane Austen with my family. (Still waiting for one daughter to finish reading Gone with the Wind.)  As of 7/26 stilling waiting on Miss Slow Reader.

3. Sign up for a Biology Class at College. (YUCK! Actually Double YUCK!)  Signed up for two other ones. But I'm on the list for Biology.

4. Treat my Mother-in-law like Gold for the two weeks she is visiting.  She is such a sweetie I want to treat her extra special.

5. Take one more mini camping trip with the family before school starts.

6.  Buy a walking foot and start quilting those tops!  On Order - just waiting for it to come in.

7. Enjoy shopping with my youngest daughter for school clothes.

Okay now on to the easy goals - well easy to list.

Yep - those Val Laird's BOMs.  They are still waiting for me.

And Check this out from LollyChops!  She has the coolest Blog.

I would love to get my act together and make something like this as a house warming present for my daughter. Only in her colors of Lavender and blue.  I described it to her and she is totally unexcited.  But wait till she sees it.  Then she'll love it.

And on my list I would love to make something for the Christmas Challenge.  She has some cute placemats and that would be a good Christmas gift.

And as for the quilts I would like to work on:

My Lilly & Will 9-patch   Done!  Finished piecing it.
And then I need to make another I-Spy quilt for my grandson, Troy. But no picture of that. (Yet!)

Oh Geez, I'm tired just thinking about all that! LOL 

At least I have the two months to think and work on them.   And of course my last goal is to continue checking out everyone else's blogs.



  1. What great goals Linda! You're going to be a busy girl - but, I love the mix of family and quilting! Can't wait to read all about it abd see your pretty things as you go!

  2. What incredible goals...Your mother in law is toing to like bein included and spoied by you.
    It is great that we are in the club together.