Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pools are Amazing

Did you know that every 5 years or so you have to drain a pool?

I didn't  know until we got ours.

Draining is so much fun.

To me it's just fascinating seeing the water level get lower and lower

 KitKat thinks it's amazing too.

  "Mommy!  There's something wrong with the Pool!!!

Something worth calling your friends about.

It fun to go explore places that used to be underwater.

If you were a kid, wouldn't you sit in the pool and text?

Mom!  You're bugging me!!!

Oh!  You are still there taking pictures?

Sugar getting brave and venturing into the nice warm water.

Kit Kat loved it and thought we should always keep the pool this shallow
She splashed and waded
 And thought this was the best pool day ever!!!



  1. Haha! Sounds like fun! How long before you can fill it back up again? :)

  2. As soon as it's empty we fill it back up again. It has something to do with the chemicals.

  3. We used to have to empty ours every year as we didn't put chemicals in during the 'off' season.. needless to say it was very green and slimy when we emptied it!

  4. Sam says that looks like fun and can he come and play with Kit Kat and Sugar please. Linda x

  5. Why do you have to drain it asks the girl whom has never had a pool? You live someplace that is super nice year round. Can't you leave it full forever?

  6. I did not know you have to drain a pool?? Why?? I just bought this house and we have a pool for the first time. Do tell, Do tell.... Your babies are adorable, both two legged and four legged.!! :o) Hugs

  7. Fun fun. With any luck, we'll have our hot tub set up this winter. We empty it every now and again and scrub it down. :-)