Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Morning - It's Another Cheery Tuesday!

Good Morning!

And who wouldn't be happy with seeing that smiling face?  

I have another picture for you.  Remember that pan of Chicken Curry?  It prompted my daughter to make her own pot - which she sent to me.

Yeah, it's not that yummy looking is it?

You have to know how good it tastes to appreciate these pictures- and even then it's a bit hard to do.

So how about I tell you about sewing instead.

Oh, Dear I can't do that, because there's none of that going on at my house!  LOL!!  Maybe I'll get more in the mood later.

How about a couple pictures from South Dakota instead?
We rode our motorcycle through Spearfish Canyon back in August.   It was one the best rides I've been on.  It was so lovely there! We would stop every so often and hike to a waterfall. 

Here's one of the three waterfalls we saw 

And a cute little building - Hey I didn't notice that man standing there before!  How did he get in my picture?  I must of been too busy looking at the trees when I took this picture.

And the last one - of Mark and me.  Awwwe - and another waterfall behind us.

 We had such a great time there.  

Okay tomorrow it's back to posts about sewing and quilting.



  1. What a cutie pie!!!! Thanks for sharing more SD pcitures. We were supposed to go visit my Dad in September, but it didn't quite work out. Maybe next near.

  2. Thanks for the pictures they are lovely. Hey, come leave a comment on my blog , you might win the quilt I'm giving away. Hugs

  3. Oh Linda - you're such a pretty girl! I love that pix of you and McHubby :)! And, the little guy,too! I love your sewing posts (of course) but I adore these posts, too!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Awesome photo of you and Mark! Love it!