Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corn Maze

Do you all have a corn maze where you live?  When you go through are you afraid of being stuck in there forever?

Our family decided to go this year.  I heard if you always go left you will end up at the end. 
Here's proof -  chillaxing at the end of the corn maze. I love getting candid shots of the family.

Waiting for the next go around inside the maze.  I love the way the two girls act so much alike!  

And I love the posed photos too! 
Just a word to the wise, if you have a big o' mustache,
 you have to smile "BIG" so that people can see your teeth.

If you've got one, go check out your local corn maze and have some fun.



  1. We have several here and have gone through a couple of them -- they are fun! :)

  2. We have one near here. Last year my DH and I went with our son, DIL & GS3 but it had rained heavily the day before and it was so muddy it was not fun! Specially with a toddler in a buggy.

  3. What fun - and what great family photos -memories to treasure for sure! We have one here - now I really want to go :)!!

  4. I'm too scared of them! And I grew up in Iowa. I have this real fear of being lost in them!