Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Forest Quilt Along & News Flash

Okay so it here it is the final day for our Little Forest Quilt Along -  is everyone finished?  No?  Well that's okay as we are going to extend the finishing date to Oct 14th.  I think quite a few of us need the extra week.  Do I hear cheers and applause?

I do want to show you Alamosa Quilter's finished quilt.  It's really so fun and glorious!!  I don't want to take it without permission - so please click here to see it. She is the first to post a finished quilt.

As for Hubby's quilt - the binding is half way done.  It will be finished tonight.

A few seconds after snapping the above picture....Neptune made herself comfy.  She thought I put it up there just for her.  
Aww... Now get down Neptune.
News Flash!   We have a new driver in the family!!

I'm so happy she passed on the first try.  And now I have a willing person to run my errands for me.  For a while anyway, then the newness of driving will wear off and she won't want to.  So I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.



  1. Congrats to DD! What an exciting day for her (and for you). I've been watching the progress of all the forrests, and they're amazing. How nice that you can get someone to bind yours for you.

  2. Yay for new drivers! Neptune does looks as if that quilt were made for her! :)

  3. Congrates to your DD. Oh yes do get her to run errands as the novelty will wear off quickly. LOL.
    Love your litte Trees. Why is it both dogs and cats always jump on the new quilts???

  4. How exciting to have a new driver in the family! Definitely take advantage while you can.

    Also, you have my permission to repost the photos of my Little Forest quilt, if you would like. And thanks for hosting the QA. It was fun!

  5. Isn't that the way doggies are, they think they just own our homes. :):) of course mine dooo!!! (dont tell my husband:):) I will sit on my couch and my small poodle will just get up onto my chest and stretch out like she belongs there :):) LOL Your tree quilt is wonderful!!

  6. Oh, yes. New drivers are really a big help, aren't they? Relish it!