Monday, October 10, 2011

Finally, Little Forest Quilt is FINISHED

This was finished on the Friday -but it took me until today to get it posted. 
I really like the binding.  I've always admired a stripe cut on the bias and this is the first time I've utilized that technique.

This is a great size for cuddling up with.

Hubby with his first quilt.
I also have to show you Lynn's quilt. So different than than Hubby's as Lynn at Alamosa Quilter used colorful fabrics.

See, is this beautiful or what?

I especially like that she used round circles for the quilting to go along with the dots on her trees. 
And she made a wall hanging - which is nice.  (Sorry I can't get the picture larger. When I do it blurs out.) 

Remember I found some Halloween fabric at the store - and just had to buy some?  I thought it would be so neat to have Halloween pillowcases.  Here are the girls' pillowcases. (The boys, have to wait - I was tired after making these.)

  I let Violet and Scarlett help sew on the machine.  I think their favorite part was taking out the pins.  I even made Rosanna sew up hers. It was kind of easy - I just told DD to do it.  (hehehe - it's fun to be the Mom.)
 She said he enjoyed doing it, it was relaxing.

You can't see in the picture - but the fabrics are Candy Corn, Pumpkins and Ghosts and Little Black Cats. 

I also made myself a pillowcase.

And Hubby made himself one.
He did not want the little trim fabric.  Imagine that, he has a mind of his own.

And what do you think happened right after I snapped these pictures?  You are right!
Neptune got in the picture!

I think she wants this blog to be about her - not sewing.

Have fun sewing today,


  1. I just love the Little Forest quilt! Great job!

  2. Nice show and tell! I just love how pets just have to be in the middle of the action!

  3. Those pillowcases are darling...makes me want to take a trip to Joanns right now! The stripe binding really makes the quilt. It's perfect!!!

  4. Love the binding on your gorgeous quilt. Wonderful pillowcases - each and every one.

  5. Fantastic!! The quilt looks great - yes I agree, that binding is perfect! and great family sewing going on!

  6. Love your finished quilt or hubby's :)! And, what fun pillow cases - love that you all shared the joy of making them together!

  7. When you said "perfect size for cuddling up" I thought you meant the hubby... well, I'm sure he does a pretty good job too!

  8. Hubby sure looks proud! Your quilt turned out great. I love a bias stripe binding. Truly love!