Friday, February 4, 2011

Quilting progress and a Serena's Surprise

I've been quilting - and I'm at least half way done with this quilt.  Funny, last night I didn't need any stencils to help me in the design process.  Everything just flowed.  This is my birdie block that I'm working on.

Okay - now for something a little more exciting and fun.


Cupcakes!  Not exciting enough?  Well look inside!

Aren't these the neatest things?  The colors in person were much more vivid.  Serena made these.  This is the first time she has baked and all I can say is she really does it fancy!!  What would you expect from a candy apple red hair girl?  They were so good - I'm going to try to get her to make some more this weekend. Yum!!


  1. Neat cupcakes! I love how your quilting is coming along. I'm so glad it was flowing nicely for you!

  2. Cool cupcakes! And your quilting looks great. I'll start sending mine to you to do the quilting.

  3. I love your bird is so lovely!

  4. Love your quilting - that quilt is gorgeous. Those cupcakes look SO yummy - making me hungry!