Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time for UFO Challenge and Setting February Goals

For Judy's UFO Challenge this month I will be working  finishing the Gathered from the Garden Quilt. I think I'll rename it too.  Usually my quilts in up with names like 10 year quilt (because it took 10 years to make it) or BOM quilt.  They need some better names don't you think?  Any ideas?  

And for my February goals - remember last month I didn't make any.  Good thing cause I didn't finish anything either!!  LOL!!  For February I have high hopes and they start with my water color star quilt.  My goal is to finish piecing it.  Okay maybe that is too high.  How about I at least take off the small lavender border and put on larger lavender border. 

Then I can think and stew over it some more.  A couple quilters suggested that I put on a piano key border.  That might be next after the lavender border.

And after that...I'm going finish up...well, I could say that skirt for Scarlett like I do every month and then never even cut out or that bag that desperately needs repair.  But why curse a good thing.  I'll stop at two items.  After all this is a short month!

What's on your list this month?


  1. Glad you're getting back to that quilt. It's too beautiful to let it languish. You have made great progress on your garden quilt. I like to keep something related to the name of the pattern in the quilt if I can....What about Garden of Growth or the Garden that Grows (to signify the growth you made in your fmq-ing while working on it?) Looking good!

  2. Great goals Linda - I'm rooting for you - You Can Do IT!! Thanks for makin me giggle with this fun post!! Love those hamburger cupcakes your daughter made -what fun!!