Friday, February 25, 2011

Which one should I choose?

Here we are with the last weekend of February.   I have my main project for February completed.  So now I get to pick something else.

Of course I have plenty to choose from. I've narrowed it down to these three:

Scarlett's skirt, it's been hanging around for a while. (Since school started?)

That star quilt which for some reason I just can't seem to get the courage to cut my next border.

And the new monstrosity that I created last weekend.  It's going to be a dog blanket, but I totally don't like it  And silly me I used cat fabric instead of dog fabric.  What is wrong with me?  The words on the fabric say Meow.   What made me think this was dog fabric?

Also I wanted to tell you I have another February Finish.

I finally finished this beanie today.  Oh Happy Day for ME!

This is the first time I've tried a making a beanie. The pattern I used must of come from "Big Heads 4 Us". It was so huge on my head, I had to rip it out and redo it. In fact I had to redo it several times (4 to be exact!) decreasing the the stitches and making it smaller. And today I learned to make the flower. Pretty cool huh? It was really easy. And now I'm done! YAY!!!!

One last thing - my co-worker finished the 1st part of Pat Sloan's Mystery quilt.  Doesn't it look nice?
We are really looking forward to the next set of instructions!


  1. You made me laugh...Big Heads 4 us!! I think it's cute that it say meow for a dog bed. I vote for finishing the skirt.

  2. CUTE little hat you made! Goodness, tough choices! Don't you just want to be a MUF's girl and work on stuff for the sheer joy of it LOL?!! I'd go for the skirt I think! Oh, and since the dog can't read, well I'd . . . .!!!

  3. I say don't finish the cat/dog quilt, and borderes don't sound like much fun, I would go with Scarlett's skirt. Just enjoy what you are working on and it won't be work!

  4. Lots of fun projects! I love your pretty!

  5. Yeah, your co-worker's quilt is looking good. Looks a lot like yours. Congrats on the beanie. I say go for the skirt, too. You still don't sound ready to tackle that border on the quilt (haha). And I know how it feels to be annoyed with a fabric choice so you aren't motivated to get going on a project (cats/dogs). But, personally, I think it's funny to have a dog blankets with cat stuff on it. Sorta cute.