Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hamburger Cupcakes

Serena made these for her friends. Sesame seeds were used on the "buns".
She baked brownies for the "burgers".
Frosting for the "lettuce" and "cheese".
This is not something I would normally eat.  But since she made me one too, 
I had to eat it. 
Oh My!! It was so delicious!!!

I like having a girl in the house that can bake.

When I first started cooking I started with desserts. 
It's about time Serena is finally doing something like me! 
Although I'll admit her desserts are much more creative then mine. 
I'm so happy that she is making desserts.  And such fun ones.



  1. That is very creative! Baking is good, and she can be in charge of desserts from now on...

  2. Those are really neat! She sure is creative! It will be fun when E is that age and can start doing that!

  3. That really looks so yummy!