Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Here! Friday Night Sew-in!

It's Here! Well, it's almost here - just one more day.  Hosted this month by Crafty Vegas Mom.

These types of sew-ins are a real kick in the pants for me.  I get so much done - and I love seeing what everyone else is working on. 

Of course I know what I'll be working on - quilting that quilt.   You know the one - the same one I post about every other day or so.  I know you are tired of seeing that old quilt so here's a cute picture instead. 

Serena, Kitkat and Puppy

It may be "same old same old" as far as posting is concerned but it is really coming along.  Just one more block and then the borders.  YEA!!  Maybe I'll finish quilting it this weekend. 
I think I need some good movies - not too good that I want to sit and actually "watch" them. Just good enough that I'll sit and "listen" to them, keeping my eyes on the quilting.  What movies do you will to watch while sewing?


  1. Mama Mia! I can listen and sing along, but I don't really have to pay attention. Have fun Friday night! I need to decide what to work on.

  2. I love love that picture of Serena and the pups--How adorable!!!--we had a cat once named Kit Kat and she had 7 babies in her first litter!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  3. I have a Friday night Sew In this week too. Can't wait. I don't watch movies while I quilt. The TV is in the other room. If I'm hand sewing I watch just about anything!

    Really cute photo of Serena and the dogs. Awwww!!!!

  4. Love the picture! I watch HGTV when I quilt, and then don't really need to pay attention....

  5. I love puppy pictures, they look so sweet cuddling with her. Just so cute.

  6. I really need to join in on one of these FNS soon. I'll try tonight.