Friday, February 28, 2020

Little Mouse Pincushion & Frolic

 I think I've gotten to the place where I can start laying out the blocks.
I'm so glad Bonnie explained how to lay these out. It was confusing just looking at the picture. But she said start with 4 rows across and 4 rows down.
 Then start filling in the rest.  When I'm looking at these in person I can't see if any need to be moved around.  I like taking a snap shot and then it is easier to let my eyes relax and just see the colors and values.

After that I have more blocks and strips to add.
I promised myself I would work on this every single day. And I have.
This last week I sewed up the sashing strips. Now I know for me, a Bonnie Hunter Mystery is gonna take much longer than the January reveal date.

 I have realized that I need a pincushion!  (Lots of pinning needed still for Frolic.) I always just take them in a out of the little plastic box.  I used to have a Granny pin cushion, but I had to be so careful to stick pins in only certain places. Looking online I found  this little Mouse on Pinterest.
Created by

I thought this would be perfect - nice and flat to stick pins in anywhere. I figured it would only take about an hour to stitch up.  

Well...I have my supplies gathered and it's already taken 1/2 hour to decide on fabrics!

I'll be back later - I'm off to hand stitch this little guy.

What?  You want to see the fabric? 

Have fun sewing on your projects. 



  1. I am sew happy to have COMPLETED Frolic today but it's not as big as yours.. Great work and enjoy making your sweet mouse pincushion....

  2. Your Frolic blocks are really coming along. I like your colors - just a bit more "pure" and bright than Bonnie's colors. That quilt will really sparkle. Very cute idea for a pincushion!!

  3. Frolic looks absolutely stunning! And the little mouse pincushion will be great - can't wait to see it made up x