Friday, February 7, 2020

FNwF Update

I'm so excited to sew that I woke up at 4:30!

First I had to go for a walk.  Marzipan is used to going and I knew she wouldn't stop bugging me if I didn't.  Crying and barking would ensue until I relented. Beside I need the exercise. 
This picture was taken at Estes Park, Colorado.  It was WAY TOO DARK this morning to take one.

So I hurried up my walk and getting ready for work.
And then I started on my love, Frolic.
Turns out I have quite a few blocks done.
It really is quite fun.
I laid out the blocks I've finished.
Come to find out - I only have 5 more blocks to do. Then I'll start on the triangle settings.

I can't wait for to start sewing again tonight.

Have fun working on your projects!
It's so fun to sew with all of you.

Thanks Cheryll of Gone Stitchin' for getting us all together.



  1. Love the new Chicken header--
    now me-- I can wake up at 4:30 too--but not to walk a dog or sew--it's to the little girls room--then back to bed--!!!!
    the quilt is coming along beautifully--

  2. Hi Linda, wow you were up early! Frolic is looking fabulous and I look forward to seeing it grow. Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. That was an early start to the day. Such pretty blocks.

  4. WOW ! what an early morning walk...
    Great work on your Frolic Blocks and I look forward to seeing it grow...

  5. Your blocks look fantastic Linda - not surprised you couldnt sleep! xx

  6. An early morning walk got you started off in great fashion. How gOOd is it to find you almost have a finish. Well done.
    Thanks for joining in FNwF again too...xox

  7. Your Frolic looks so good! I love the combination of colors you've shows off the pattern so prettily!!! :)

  8. Loving your Frolic, good you are nearly finished too.

  9. Your Frolic blocks look great. Even with all the component parts made, those blocks take a bit of stitching to get together.

  10. Oh that's so fun that you woke up so early to sew - hehe with looking after Marzipan's needs first though - it would have given you so much more peace! Your Frolic is looking great - I love the colours you are using. Hope you've had a chance to sew this past week.