Friday, February 21, 2020

Frolic Update (Working on Clue 9)

It's time for me to start the next segment of the Frolic Clue #9. (Clue 9 consists of quite a few different parts).  
We are to use some of the already sewn pieces from clue 2. Some pieces cut during Clue 9 - and now we will combine them into ???  Well, I'll don't rightly know - but I'm about to find out. I think they will be going on the the main blocks.

I sewed my little heart out last weekend - I actually sewed from 7 am to 7:30 pm with a some breaks thrown in and I have finished this part of Clue 9. 
These are the triangle settings and corner squares. 
 All done and looking pretty. 
 Oh on further inspection...What happened here?
What's that silly red triangle doing sewn on wrong?
Marzipan do you do that?

It should look like this - back to the sewing machine it goes!
Have a good time sewing this weekend.  



  1. Oh yes I did sew much reverse sewing on Frolic...
    Look forward to seeing what you get done for FNSI.. Not you Marzipan !!!!

  2. It looks as if you are doing brilliantly with your 'Frolic'. What's a little mistake or two.....just as long as you can set right.

  3. Oh Frolic is looking so good! x