Thursday, October 26, 2017

Things that happened over the Weekend.

Good News.  My quilt is complete!
I didn't think to cut my binding on the bias - hmmm... I can really tell.

It's just for me - so I think I'll leave it. 
My poor little puppy Marzipan has a black face - she does not photograph well.  That does not deter her.   Both those dogs like having their pictures taken.  Why?  I don't get it.  I pull out the camera and they run and sit/lay down.  Silly!

And over the weekend I sold the trailer!  

I had a lot of calls - and a LOT of offers for less.  But with all those calls I was not coming down on my price.  It SOLD for the asking price.  
The new owner painted it black and wow - what a difference.

Now - on to the next item: my jack hammer.  SOLD!  
This is just not an ordinary household tool and I sure do not need it. 
I also sold that guy a wheel barrel and seven vinyl posts.  (I'm giggling with happiness! So happy to have it gone.)

Now I'm working on selling a two man Auger, compressor, etc, etc. 

What?? This is a sewing blog?  

Well, hopefully soon I can sew up my pillowcase and I'll show that to you.  

See you later,


  1. As you are happy--I am happy for you!! I am so glad that you got the price you wanted and that other things are selling too--ohhh--just think of all the fabric you can buy with this money--lets go shopping???
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. Me again--I was going to do a curved border on the Christmas quilt--then remembered that you really have to cut the binding on the bias and the fabric I wanted to use for the binding is not a large enough piece to cut it on the bias-sooo?????

  3. I really need a trailer like that. I could have used it as an excuse to take a trip south! Darn!!!
    It must feel great to unload things you don't need or want! We seem to do that with the critters around here. Rescued horses mainly. We bring them in, watch for traits good and/or bad, train the bad out of them and then find good homes for them.
    I need equipment!

  4. You did that binding and it wasn't on the bias? I bow down to you, my friend! That could have not been easy. Congrats on your sales. How is your new friend?

  5. glad those things sold for you! And it's not a quilting blog, it's a blog about you and your life, to connect with friends. Have another great weekend!! Hugs, H

  6. Love love love that quilt!!!! Really glad you're getting your asking price, hon, will pray sales continue in your favor!

  7. Quilt looks great and the binding fine. Give it a press if you're not happy..
    How good to have sold the trailer for asking price. And sew good you sold other items as well.

  8. Excellent news re the selling of your wares. The quilt looks a treat. I love the curved sides.

  9. Excellent finish - I love the quilt and the turtles/tortoises on it (can never tell the difference!). Great news about selling the trailer for what you wanted x

  10. The quilt looks great. Enjoy it. I love it. Who said this is a quilting only blog? Our blogs are about our lives. If someone only wants to read about quilting, it is their problem not yours! With that said, I am so glad you have been able to sell items for what you are asking. That alone validates your decisions. I will continue to pray for the remaining items to go soon.

  11. I've wondered about pointing a camera at my pup and what must he think? He is the same, he just likes me to intensely look at him even through the lens. Your pups are adorable especially that black face... and her name!