Thursday, October 19, 2017

Selling the Business

I just put my business up for sale.  It only took me 6 months to do it!
This trailer may not look like much but she hauled miles of fencing and kept a roof over our heads, and us clothed and well fed. 

As you know, my husband and I had this fencing business and then when he passed my daughter and I ran it.
This Auger also put in miles of post holes - and many, many holes for the trees around our property and even little plants.  (Yeah, Mark was a nut like that, we would use it to dig all the plant/bush holes - fast and fun.)

At first I felt really good that I did it that I finally put it up for sale.  2 seconds later not so good.  Such is life when you have to make changes. 
I have all kinds of stuff like this chain link hanging around my house - it needs to go.

Well, lets just pray I can sell it quickly.  



  1. Good luck!!! I'm still amazed that you were able to run the business after Mark passed away: you're a real trouper!! I'll bet Mark was looking down on you and saying, "Wow!! Look at my wife: no wonder I married her!!"

  2. Good luck! What a tough decision. I think you've done well with it, and taken your time to make a good decision. TIme to move on, Ms. Nicey!!

  3. All the best with selling the business linda.
    Would have been a hard decision but it's time.
    Hugz 🤗

  4. Best wishes! I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision.

  5. Hope someone buys the business very soon, Linda. I can't believe you and your daughter have been doing all that hard work. You are both amazing!

  6. Praying for you hon, that it sells quickly and that you get a really good price....bless you hon, that had to be hard.

  7. Such a difficult decision. Holding you in prayer as you move forward with selling the business. It is hard work. Praying for the next door to open for you.