Friday, October 13, 2017

Teacup Exchange - Teacup Has Arrived

Recently I joined the Teacup exchange with
The Enchanting Rose

I picked up the package on my way to work that my exchange partner and now new friend Marilyn of Mountain Top Spice sent.  I had to wait ALL day before I could open it.  Oh it was torture!  
But well worth the wait!
Inside was this dainty antique linen.
And another one! Yay!
Marilyn make cards - look at this adorable envelope she made.  I always think to myself "I wish had that kind of talent". 
Even the back was just as cute!
I enjoyed her letter - so nice to get to know her. Don't you just love seeing someone's handwriting?
Oh - I forgot to mention everything was wrapped so pretty! 
Even in special boxes like this one.
She also sent those cute little linen that just the right size for the teacup. 
And this Raspberry Sorbet Soap.  It smells so good.
These Raspberry Chocolate - My favorite!
This cute little note pad.  And these teas.
Shortbread cookies - I've bought these for my grandkids but never me!  Yippee!
Now I get to eat some.  And some TimTams which I fail to get a picture of.  I've always wanted to try these too.
And look at this beautiful handmade linen - so pretty. 
Oh I almost forgot to show you the little journal.  
Isn't if lovely?
And best of all is the teacup!
It's perfect!  I love it.  

Such beautiful colors.
It is an antique and from Occupied Japan.
I must admit I think that is pretty cool. 
Marilyn you sent such a lovely gift
I can't thank you enough.


And a big thank you to Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose for hosting - this had to have been a lot of work.  


  1. oh my I think somebody spoiled you--love that teacup and saucer--love the color--
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. OH MY GOODNESS you sure were very spoilt....
    Sew many beautiful gifts and that Tea cup and saucer are gorgeous.. Sure was worth the wait to open....

  3. So many lovely gifts there, Linda. Gorgeous teacup and in a box with Thomas Kinkaide artwork on it, how lovely. The vintage linens are so pretty.

  4. So very special. All the gifts are so very wonderful. The teacup is beautiful. Thank you for identifying the tea cup linen. I found several of those unique linens when cleaning out my MIL's home. You are loved and blessed.

  5. Oh man - what a gift!!!!! Everything is so gorgeous!

  6. What a fantastic exchange! And such a beautiful teacup x

  7. It was such a joy to send this package to you Linda, and as I shared on my blog post about the teacup exchange, truly the Lord helped me to find just the right teacup for you, as I had a limited amount of time to put the package together. It was so wonderful to find everything in one shop that felt perfect for your package. Such a blessing to get to know you, and to be part of this tea exchange with you! Much love and hugs to you today :)

  8. Hello Linda~ first I have to say that your header is adorable!
    I'm visiting from my dear Stephanie's party, so nice to "meet" you.
    Marilyn is such a sweet, sweet lady and she has certainly shown herself to be just that with your gorgeous gift.
    Oh those linens are beautiful, love them!
    That is a pretty special tea cup.

    Enjoy your treasures ♡

  9. I enjoyed seeing your goodies! I really like your cup and saucer. The colors are wonderful. Your blog is lovely too.

  10. Beautiful teacup, Linda! I know you're enjoying the gifts Marilyn sent to you. She is a sweetheart! We met through the exchange a few years ago too, and have formed a lovely friendship.

  11. Linda,
    Hi, I was just visiting Marilyn (she was my partner in an earlier swap) so I had to stop on over to see the lovely package you received! I do love that tea cup. Most of my collection has come from antique shops--so much charm in those older cups. The green is so pretty! Love all the linens you received too! I spied the handcrafted soap--I just ordered a few from Judy at Soap 'n Such! You will love the soap. They are such amazing scents! Marilyn sure filled your package with lots of wonderful goodies, she is so sweet. I've enjoyed getting to know her!! Enjoy your goodies and that gorgeous tea cup! Linda

  12. Hi, I am stopping over from visiting Marilyn. So sweet, I just love that we get to see what you all find in your exchange boxes.

  13. What a pretty, special package you received. :) The journal is very pretty, as is the teacup. Enjoy!

  14. You and I were both spoiled with all the treasures we received. I think I recognize that teacup pattern - my grandmother had one.

  15. ooooh - I just went and looked and I KNEW I recognized that pattern - it's one I inherited from my grandma!!!!

  16. What a fabulous teacup and lovely package put together.

  17. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours so I'm loving your pretty teacup by Occupied Japan. This is also the second time that I've seen "Tim Tam" cookies during the big reveal. I gotta find myself some to try out!

  18. What a beautiful teacup, I love all the colors. Marilyn sent you many wonderful things, the linens, the journal, etc., etc. This tea cup exchange is just so much fun!

  19. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors so I really love the cup and saucer. I'm a vintage linen lover as well - wow those are some real beauties! Okay - so the squirrel picture at the top of the blog - what a hysterical picture!!! Did you capture that?! They are such destructive little creatures and I really don't like them but they sure can make themselves look adorable and innocent can't they!?