Monday, October 9, 2017

FNWF Update: No Quilt - New Boyfriend

Don't start looking for a picture of a completed quilt.  No - it didn't happen.
I didn't get a quilt - but I think I got a boyfriend instead.

Would you like to hear the story?

So Angie my friend from Griefshare (she lost her husband too) called me.
Angie:  "Come to the Market Place and have dinner with me." It's an outdoor place with a foundation and lots of shops. 
Me - "Ugh I don't want to (recurring theme on this blog right? lol) I want to stay home and sew".
Angie - "No you have to have fun"

So Angie arrives at the Market Place before me, calls and says "Oh Bruce from church is here".  I say - no I don't want to meet up with him. (I had only met him once - I was sure he was okay - I was just being shy).
So we decide to meet at Chili's, which is a couple miles south of the Market Place.

So I'm at Chili's waiting and here comes Angie with Michelle and Dave and BRUCE.  Angie whispers to me - that she ran into Michelle and Dave invited them to join us.  Bruce was right there so she had to invite  him too.  I just laughed - cuz that's just too funny! Right?  

 So there I was at Chili's having the best time; Angie, Dave and Bruce are so funny! Michelle and I are more quiet with our occasional funny comments.  And THAT'S why I don't have a completed quilt for Friday!

The next day I went out with Bruce for lunch - Oh he's is so very nice.  And the following day - Sunday, we went to lunch again.  

So - don't hold your breath - but I will finish the binding.  Oh and my blue fabric finally ran clear.  YAY!!  Thank goodness, as I was getting ready to toss it.
Okay - more later and more pictures. 

Happy Stitching,


  1. Pleased you decided to go out and sounds like you had a great time with them all ,especially BRUCE...:)
    Guess we'll see that quilt finished one day ?????

  2. Looks like it was a good decision to go out, after all Linda!

  3. Hmmm sometimes there are more important things than quilting and it seems that this is one of hose times. Good on you going out and having fun - I hope it continues to go well :-)

  4. Quilting can wait girlfriend! Have fun with your new friend. Linda's got a boyfriend, Linda's got a boyfriend!!

  5. An excellent reason to have not finished your quilt! I'm glad you had a great time out after not wanting to go. Hope it continues to go well! x