Thursday, May 23, 2013

Really Random Thursday - 5/23/13

First I'm so happy that my daughter will be graduating next week.  I think it's the end of worrying about her.  (Now don't go popping my bubble!  Just let me live in my fantasy world.)

Another thing that mades me happy is my orchid bloomed.
I really didn't know if conditions were right for it to bloom or not.  I love the way the new flower's petals are slightly green and turns white as it fully opens.

And this little bitty guy, brought me all kinds of happiness. 

I found him like this - just floating in our pool.

And check out what my sister did to my needle book.  (remember I've been making them for family?)
So it was her idea to make a little embroidered flower so that I would know the embroidery needles go on that page and beading needles go on the page with sequins and beads.  I so appreciate her doing this!  And it makes my needle book so much more special having her handiwork in it.  It will bring me joy for years to come.

And best of all, is the happiness of having my fab family over working on Christmas Stocking...

See what I mean?  They are so much fun.

I do have one small problem.  I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out.  I have this block to make (for the Terrier Town BOM) and I would like to change it.
I've done HOME SWEET HOME before - (like quite a few times!) and I would rather do something else.
I thought of LIVE LOVE LAUGH but I'm a bit tired of that also. To you have any suggestions?  Something that is about 15 letters long?

Well, this ends my Really Random Thursday.  I do hope you all have a lovely day.

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Lovely idea for the needlebook-really sweet. How about Eat, repent, repeat -lol xx

  2. Great post. Congrats again to Serena. I'm sure we'll be seeing pictures next week? I love the embroidery and beading in the needle book - what a great idea. Some people are just so clever. Congrats on getting the orchid to bloom.

  3. What a great random post, Linda :-) Congratulations to your daughter - hope/bet she loved her quilt. What a lovely touch to your needlebook pages - a really great idea. Not sure what you could replace the saying with - possibly something related to your family -eg 'the so-and-so's live here'.....

  4. Love your orchid - so pretty!!

  5. Love your random post. The orchid is beautiful. And what a great idea on the needle book. I need that! Hmmm....trying to think of ideas for your BOM....Live Life....Friends Welcome....Oh, Behave....LOL