Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I finished in May & June goals.

So here's what I finished up in May.

Terrier Town Block #3.  I had so much fun doing on the stitching around the applique.  I did use the sewing machine. (Psst.  It's so much faster that way!)

Terrier Town Block #4  Remember I didn't want to do "home sweet home"?  I decided on "Love and Blessings".  My blessings are a little crooked.  Hmm....should I change that?

And lastly, Serena's quilt.

June Goals

I'm going to enjoy my sewing in June.  I have several projects planned, but I'm keeping my list short. Yes, I love sewing but I also love swimming and biking and other fun summer activities.

Project #1 -  Terrier Town Block #5.   I just love these bright colors.

Project #2 Sulky Block  BOM
Project #3  Blouse from this Fabric.
It's rather bright, isn't it?  I'm considering changing my mind to a shortie night gown.  We'll see what happens.

Project #4 - continue working on the Christmas Stocking.  I didn't do much in May - just a couple sequins last month so I didn't take a picture.  I do have ones of the girls - they have been doing so well on their stockings.
Scarlett adding 23 more sequins. 

As the name says: Violet
So I think that should do it.

Happy June Stitching,
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  1. Your BOM is coming along so nice! It just can't be any cuter. And no, you don't need to change the embroidery... it doesn't look crooked from here. Your little ones are so cute working on their projects.

  2. Oh gosh! I love your little mailbox. And you Love and Blessings turned out very well. It doesn't look crooked to me. Maybe my head is on crooked? Did I miss graduation?

  3. it all looks good to me!!! Have a great summer. And, your kids are cute, and your dog too.

  4. The embroidery is just fine. You do such wonderful work. =)

  5. Love your mailbox, and I agree, your embroidery is fine. I don't see that it is crooked. :-) Looks like you are having fun!