Thursday, June 20, 2013

White Pants Craze

Have you noticed all the white pants lately?  

About two months ago I was shopping for another pair of Capri pants.  My husband asked if I wanted to try on some white ones.  Heck No!  Doesn't he know how quickly they get dirty?  I selected a pair of dreamy blue/green pants. 
Picture is not me - Boy Howdy do I ever wish is was.
Picture from
But then I started noticing a white pair of pants here and and white pair there. I found myself really liking them. I noticed my sister had on white pants - and her co-worker too!  I was flipping channels and saw even Katie Couric had them on.  

This was becoming too much! I just had to have some white pants.  So last Saturday I went shopping and boy are there a lot of white pants in the stores.  I tried on about 6 different styles and found the ones that fit me perfect!
Still not me.  Picture from
But these are the pants I did buy. So comfy,
I'm so happy with my white pants!
I love them!

 What about you?  Are you a white pant wearer this year?

Happy Stitching bleaching,


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  1. No way! I only wear throw away clothes so if my kids get something on me I don't freak. Good for you though!

  2. Lookin' Good, Girl! LOL! No, I'm sure they don't make white pants in my size, but if they did, I'm sure people would pay me to NOT wear them!! Not a pretty sight. sigh..

  3. I don't think I'll be wearing white - they do look nice though :)

  4. White pants are lovely - on other people!! Not me!! The lightest I'll go is stone.

  5. I've been wearing white pants for years.. underneath my trousers! ;o) I wouldn't dare wear white on the surface... I'm a dirt magnet.
    Enjoy yours.....

  6. I have always worn white pants. I love them. My mom always told me the fashion rule was, no white pants until after Memorial Day. Ha. Lately, I find they make me look fat, though. Wait...maybe I am just putting on some pounds! haha!

  7. I have a pair of white pants and white capris. You have to make sure your undies are the right color of neutral so they don't show through. I really like those blue green capris. I want those!

  8. No no no no for so many reasons, oh how I wish I could, but too many lumps and bumps would be noticeable and then there is Sam.... black paw marks were not seen at Paris Fashion Week! :-) Hugs x

  9. Love them both :)!! Bet you look so cute in them. I do have white shorts and capris - and bleach and oxyclean :)!!