Friday, February 22, 2013

My Great Idea

Here's my great idea - okay for you it may not be GREAT but for me it was.

 Make a French Apple Pie.  
I never eat my apple pies at Christmas because I'm so full and having only the tiniest bit of room I stuff myself with pumpkin instead - I love pumpkin pies. 

The only problem was I was sick and my head was pounding. 

So there I was making the crust and thinking this was the dumbest idea - when who should walk in?  Mark,  My best apple peeler.  I quickly enlisted his help.  He was sick too and started complaining.  My answer?  Peel faster!  LOL

I will say the pie was heavenly. The topping exquisite, the apples cooked to perfection and sweeten just right.  The crust so nice and flaky - I've been practicing for years to get that crust that flaky. 

It was totally worth it.  

Now for the update on Drop and Give Me Twenty:

 Ohhh... It's been so hard to drop and do twenty this week while I was sick - whine, whine whine. 
 And I messed up two blocks!  Whine and more whine. 

Next week should be much better and with pictures

I will be happy to give the pie, topping or crust recipe should anyone want it.

Linda, who is much better at eating than stitching this week.


  1. Replace the whine with wine and you will feel so much better! I too was sick two weeks ago (bronchitis) and had kids home all week this week (evil February break), so I know next week will be awesome. I did manage to almost stay on top of things, but I do love and crave my alone time to sew!

  2. Oh the wasted hours we lose when we are sick. I am so far behind on my list of February finish-its. hope you feel 100% better soon.

  3. That looks yummy, and cooking is creative so at least you are doing something creative, so it should definitely count for the 20. :) Feel better soon! xo

  4. Here's hoping you do feel better soon. And that you'll share that apple pie recipe, too. I have some small, tart little apples (hubby calls them horse apples) that would probably be outstanding in a pie. Or, at least they'd be eaten in pie and I could honestly say to the in-laws who gifted them to us that they were delicious.

  5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! Hope you're feeling much better. Mrs. Smith makes all my pies.

  6. Oh the pie looks really good! I hope you are feeling better! Hugs!